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The ethical dilemmas faced in Banking

Banks play important roles in the modern day’s society, these roles include opening accounts, save money in those accounts and have peoples money available at all times so they can take it out of their accounts. These roles also include giving out mortgages, giving out loans, savings, investments and protecting rights and interests of many depositors. Banks are expected to operate with responsibility, reliability, honesty and most of all banks should operate ethically.

In 1921, in the Joachimson case a bank is defined as “The bank undertakes to receive money and to collect bills for its customer’s account. The proceeds so received are not to be held in trust for the customer, but the bank borrows the proceeds and undertakes to repay them. The promise to repay is to repay at the branch of the bank where the account is kept, and during banking hours. It includes a promise to repay any part of the amount due against the written order of the customer addressed to the bank at the branch….. Bankers never do make a payment to a customer in respect of a current account except upon demand.”

A bank is an organisation, where people deposit their money to keep it secure however, this is only a small part of how a bank operates.

There are different types of banks, there is the retail bank, the central bank and the investment bank. Retail banking deals directly with individuals and small businesses. Investment banking is a financial intermediary that carries out variety of services. This includes underwriting, acting as an adviser between an issuer of securities and the investing public and smooth the progress of mergers and other corporate reorganizations.

Central bank is the government’s banker. The central bank sets the interest rates, is the bankers bank, the lender of last resort and prints money

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According to Smith and Smith, (2003), Ethics is the integrity measure, which evaluates the values, norms and rules that constitute the base for individual and social relationships, from a moral perspective. It’s very important for a bank to be ethical as it deal with people’s money. All banks should have social responsibilities towards their customers. Ethical dilemma is any...

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Loans can be secured or unsecured, unsecured loans are when people pledge some assets such a car or property as collateral for the loan. Many people use their house as a security when they take out a loan. Now for those who don’t pay the loan back the bank will take possession of the asset and maybe sell it to recover the debt. Before the bank ...

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